Quantum Matter Bordeaux 2020

5-6 February 2020

at the Amphitheatre of the "Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal" (CRPP)

Photo by Juan Di Nella on Unsplash


This is the second Quantum Matter meeting in Bordeaux. The goal of this series of workshops is to bring together the local community interested in quantum matter: see what's new across campus, discuss together and create opportunities for new projects and collaborations.

Topics covered during this workshop will include superconductivity, quantum magnetism, functional materials, molecular magnets, heterostructures, nano-opto-mechanics, quantum chemistry, cold atoms, light-matter couplings, quantum technologies ...

List of invited speakers

  • Alain Demourgues (ICMCB)
  • David Dean (LOMA)
  • Clément Dutreix (LOMA)
  • Mathieu Gonidec (ICMCB)
  • Ludovic Jaubert (LOMA)
  • Pascal Larregaray (ISM)
  • Vincent Mancois (LP2N)
  • Devang Naik (LP2N)
  • Itziar Oyarzabal (CRPP)
  • Marlène Palluel (ICMCB)
  • Bishal Poudel (LOMA)
  • Philippe Poulin (CRPP)
  • Quentin Schaeverbeke (LOMA)
  • Patrick Rosa (ICMCB)
  • Chris Reinke (INRIA)
  • Jean-Baptiste Trebbia (LP2N)
  • Lionel Truflandier (ISM)
  • Jean Baptiste Vaney (ICMCB)


Registration deadline

29 January 2020 (4pm)


Simon Bernon (LP2N)

Sébastien Burdin (LOMA)

Rodolphe Clérac (CRPP)

Ludovic Jaubert (LOMA) (contact email)

Corine Mathonière (ICMCB)

Fabio Pistolesi (LOMA)

Sophie Tencé (ICMCB)

Baptiste Vignolle (ICMCB)

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